Osborne 1 : The First True Portable Computer


Osborne 1 : The First True Portable Computer

Introduced : April 1981

Price : US 1,795$

Weight : 24.5 Pounds = 11.11 KG

CPU : Zilog Z80 @ 4.0 MHz

RAM : 64 K RAM

Display : built-in 5″ moni

Ports : parallel / IEEE-488 / modem / serial port

Storage : dual 4.75 inch – 91 K drives




Released in 1981 by the Osborne Computer Corporation

it closes-up for protection – has a carrying handle

It even has an optional battery pack so it doesn’t have to plugged into the 110V AC outlet for power

The Osborne was designed with transportation in mind

it had to be rugged and able to survive being moved about

That’s one reason that the screen is so small – a larger and heavier screen would be more susceptable to damage

Designed as a true portable computer system – it can be considered airline carry-on luggage

it will fit under the passenger seat of any commercial airliner

Here is the Osborne without the case – now you know the real reason the screen is so small

There’s not much room left with those two full-height floppy drives

it also came bundled with about $1500 of free software :

# CP/M System

# CP/M Utility

# SuperCalc spreadsheet application

# WordStar word processing application with MailMerge

# Microsoft MBASIC programming language

# Digital Research CBASIC programming language

The Osborne was a huge overnight success, with sales reaching 10,000 units a month

In September 1981, Osborne Computer Company had its first US$1 million sales month

Available options include the Osborne DATACOM modem :

# Data transfer rate is 300 baud.

# The modem fits in the diskette pocket below floppy drive A.

# The Osborne modem and COMM-PAC software gives you access to more than 200 electronic bulletin boards across the country

that is in 1982

the second release of the Osborne portable

It has a sturdier case and a slightly different look – double-density floppy-drives are optional

In 1982, the Osborne Computer Company announced a successor

the Executive model OCC-2 with a larger screen and a cooling fan

But Anything that wasn’t IBM compatible was bound to fail

In 1983, the Compaq Portable came out – a portable computer similar to the Osborne

except that it was IBM compatible and ran MS-DOS

It was a great success

Adam Osborne

Adam Osborne

ProtoType-XD : More Than Meets The Eye

    • TH3HOPE
    • ديسمبر 26th, 2009


    شو هاد
    الموضوع جميل بس هل الاختراع كتير مقرح
    يعني اذا ننحط معالجو لشي موبايل
    ما بتظبط

      • TH3HOPE
      • ديسمبر 26th, 2009

      اي وبشبه الجهاز اللي بنتعو ويل سميث بفلم
      بيرسيوت اوف هابينس

    • tonzer
    • ديسمبر 26th, 2009

    هلاء بدك تفهمني انو هي اللعبوجه الي بالنص هي الشاشه ؟؟ خخخخخ
    هلاء اي الموضوع حلو بس ما شاء الله شو هالمحمول هاد
    بس اي بالفعل يعني راماتو مقبوله بس المعالج !!! يا لطيف الطف اربعه .. اي وين بدي روح بحالي فيهم هدول ؟؟

    مشكور حبيبي جميل جدا

      • tonzer
      • ديسمبر 26th, 2009

      بس شفتلي صورتو للموين … طالع جنان هالضرسان

    • Medostyle
    • ديسمبر 27th, 2009

    لك يا أخوان”لكل زمان دولة ورجال “يعني هادا بتاريخ نزلتو كان متل المازدا 929 كان ما حدا ياخدا غير أصحاب المعامل وخاصة تجار الخيط ينزل عند الخضرجي بيعبيلو سحارتين موز اش عم تحكو انت وياه طبعا هلق ولا شي

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