short love story


you all think that its just a short love story but let me tell you that its very short love  story…enjoy with emotions

One Nite A Girl And Boy Were Going In The Car
There Was Complete Silence
Both Of Them Stayed Quiet For Long

The Girl Then Gave Him A Chit
the Boy B4 Reading It Told The Girl

(Wid Embarassing Expressions)

Dat He Wants 2 Leave Her As He Is Losing His Interest In Her

Then Suddenly An Over Speeded Car Collided
With Their Car
Girl Died N The Boy Survived

When The Boy Opened The Chit
He Droppd A Tear Coz
It Was Written


by me … tonzer

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  • تعليقات (5)
    • TH3HOPE
    • أغسطس 26th, 2009

    this kind of story that make me feel gooseflesh
    its full of love and pain
    and you are full of creativity

    • ProtoType-XD
    • أغسطس 26th, 2009

    Fuckin` Shit Man … There Is A Brilliant Idea In This Story About Luv And Passion … Allah Pleas Your Creative Mind … Amen

    • tonzer
    • أغسطس 31st, 2009

    whata story 😎
    yea its all about pain
    coz u know .. he knew the truth but when !! at the end 😦 🙄

    but hey proto my mind is not creative .. its asus .. 😛

      • c0mmander
      • نوفمبر 15th, 2009

      no its TOSHIBA

  1. Hi there. Thought you might be interested in this: . Cheers, JK

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