10 Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters

1. Hang Mioku: injected cooking oil into her own face :

Hang Mioku, a 48 year-old woman from South Korea, became so addicted to plastic surgery that she was left unrecognisable after her obsession led her to inject cooking oil into her face

2. Jocelyn Wildenstein: a US$4 million monster:

Known by the press by the nickname of “The Bride of Wildenstein” –a reference to The Bride of Frankenstein–, Jocelyn Wildenstein has allegedly spent almost US$4,000,000 on cosmetic surgery over the years, ending up as one of the worst and most famous cases of plastic surgery addiction

3.  Michael Jackson: more than 10 nose surgeries:

Does this really need to be explained? It’s incredible to forget how absolutely normal Michael Jackson looked back in the 70’s and 80’s

4. Pete Burns: famous singer, spent almost all of his life savings on reconstructive surgery:

Pete Burns, former frontman of the British band Dead or Alive –famous for their single “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)”–, has had extensive polyacrylamide injections into his lips, along with cheek implants, several nose re-shapings and many tattoos. He revealed in early 2006 that he had spent almost all of his life savings on eighteen months of reconstructive surgery after a procedure on his lips went horribly wrong.

5. Dennis Avner: the Catman:

Dennis Avner, also known by “Catman” or his native american name of “Stalking Cat”, has undergone incredible extensive surgery in order to look like his totem animal, the tiger

6. Eric Sprague: the Lizardman:

born Eric Sprague in 1972, the Lizardman was one of the first people to have a split tongue and in some circles is seen to be wholly responsible for the recent popularity of this particular modification. This 37 year old man has transformed himself into a reptile via 700 hours of tattooing

7. Donatella Versace: a caricature of herself:

Since taking over for her brother Gianni Versace, platinum blonde fashion designer Donatella Versace has gone through some drastic changes thanks to plastic surgery, turning herself into a caricature. Although nose jobs are usually done to make a nose smaller

8. Jackie Stallone: facelift, brow lift, cheek implants, nose job…:

The mother of famous actor Silvester Stallone, Jackie was also famous for claiming she can talks to dogs about the future, she also once set up a psychic hotline which would charge callers for advice. Now she’s relatively famous for what looks like a little too much plastic surgery, as she has tried everything: facelift, brow lift, cheek implants, nose job and, of course, lip jobs.

9. Amanda Lepore: world’s most famous transexual:

Once a poverty-stricken young boy, Amanda Lepore’s countless surgeries have made her one of the world’s most famous transexuals. She had her first plastic surgery at the age of 15, getting a sex change in her last year of high school, and countless surgeries after that.

10. Michaela Romanini: italian socialite, famous for her collagen abuse:

Last but not least. Meet italian socialite Michaela Romanini. This lip collagen abuser is only 40 years old, and became famous after her many surgeries. notice:

  • first of all i am sorry for slow that the pics does and for scary pics up there but its still the truth there is no photoshop or pro app pics editer
  • it took me an hour to write this post i hope u like it
  • in da end allah bless your beauty homie so keep proud keep smiling


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  • تعليقات (12)
    • mindshunter
    • أغسطس 6th, 2009

    Oh man that’s made me sick . . .
    I geuss micheal jacksoni’s image takes no. 1 of this fucking disgusting images.
    anyway it’s great post to learn us “don’t waste our millions”
    thank you “hop” your posts are always different and rich
    all the best to every body on stay sawa

      • TH3HOPE
      • أغسطس 7th, 2009

      thank u man for your sweet comments am so glad that you and medo become a member of staysawa
      we are waiting for a post from u

    • tonzer
    • أغسطس 6th, 2009

    Disasters !! its something like a nuclear weapon
    its a unbelievable things man

    anyway thanx u very much its a wonderful post
    i am smilin’ 😀

      • TH3HOPE
      • أغسطس 7th, 2009

      hey homie am glad that u like the post
      and that is a glamour smile

    • prototyp3
    • أغسطس 6th, 2009

    Fuckin` Shit . Fuckin` Shit . Fuckin` Shit

    I Almost Threw Up After The 1st One

    Fuckin` Shit Man

    Fuck These People By A Donkey Dick


      • TH3HOPE
      • أغسطس 7th, 2009

      take it easy
      OMG bless this homie
      they are still human man

    • Medostyle
    • أغسطس 7th, 2009

    distusting, thank you for this post its good 2 see that-allah-gives you good face ,good body and health we have to thank about that.

    • c0mmander
    • أغسطس 7th, 2009


    I didn’t complete it
    comment are the best thing about this post


    • TH3HOPE
    • أغسطس 7th, 2009

    hey everybody thankx 4your comments
    but in the end these people still human
    and we need to have the same thought that medo and mindshunter had

    • ProtoType-XD
    • أغسطس 8th, 2009

    I Think That This Post Worth Every Moment U Spend On It
    But These Things Ain`t No Humans Homie

      • tonzer
      • أغسطس 8th, 2009

      yea u can say it again man
      its a wonder فول


        • ProtoType-XD
        • أغسطس 8th, 2009

        بعتقد انك جوعان شوي …. ما هيك ؟!؟ 😛

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